The US has been the most expensive country for cancer patients in the world for decades.

The US spent $2,917 per capita on cancer care in 2011, the latest year for which data is available, according to figures from the World Health Organisation.

This compares to the EU which spent just $2 per capita in 2011.

And China spent more than $2.4 trillion on cancer treatment in 2011 according to the World Bank.

But the World Economic Forum estimates that the US alone spent $1.5 trillion on health care last year.

The average American costs $5,932 per year in health care and the average Chinese costs $1,731, according the International Health Federation.

In contrast, the average US worker receives $6,000 a year in pay, while the average worker in China gets $2 a month.

The average Chinese worker is earning only $6.72 an hour in China compared to the US worker who is earning $27,000.

The difference is the wage gap between China and the US.

In the US, the wage difference is about 40% while in China it is closer to 60%.

In China, the majority of people are employed in agriculture.

In America, only 20% of the workforce is employed in farming.

China’s workers have a much higher standard of living.

For example, a worker in the US earns $5.25 per hour compared to $1 an hour for a worker on the Chinese side.

In contrast, a US worker in a rural area earning the same wage in the same location in the USA earns $13 an hour compared with $10 an hour.

Many Chinese workers live in poverty, making them a target for discrimination and exploitation.

In 2013, the government made it illegal for migrant workers from China to work in the United States.

But in practice, employers are often not punished, and in many cases, the punishment is not even enforced.

According to a report from the US-based Center for American Progress, the US Department of Labor has found that, between 2001 and 2013, at least 3,500 Chinese workers were deported from the country.

In 2016, Chinese workers who have been in the country for over five years were deported more than 20 times.

When the US joined the World Trade Organization in 2001, China signed onto the treaty to fight dumping, unfair trade practices, and other forms of protectionism.

But that agreement was only on paper and was not enforced.

Now, China is threatening to join the WTO as soon as 2020.

A US company was fined $6 billion last year for a scheme to illegally import cheap Chinese parts.

Chinese companies are also being investigated for human rights abuses and labor violations.

In 2012, Chinese-American activist Ai Weiwei was detained by US authorities in Shenzhen after he made public the company’s use of forced labor.

For many Chinese, the idea of joining the WTO is a dream.

“I was very happy to join, but I am not satisfied.

There are still many obstacles,” Wang, a Chinese-born American, told ABC News.

“There is still the threat of the WTO, and I am still waiting for the Chinese government to do something.”

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