The NHL’s elite medical teams are taking steps to expand access to the profession’s medical professionals.

(AP)The National Hockey League has added more than 10,000 physicians and more than 300 additional medical professionals, while the NHLPA has announced a new medical education program, with a goal of providing more than 40,000 medical students with the necessary training.

The NHL has also hired an additional 1,400 medical assistants.

The league announced its first-ever physician assistant program in 2018 and has been working to improve access to its teams through the NHL’s new physician assistant health and safety committee, which is led by Dr. Robert Pape, who was named to the National Hockey Team Physicians Advisory Board in April.

Pape has been a medical director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for more than a decade.

He is the co-author of a number of books, including “The Complete Guide to Sports Medicine,” a New York Times best-seller that has been used in more than 2.5 million homes worldwide.

Pace said the NHL has seen a huge uptick in demand for physician assistants, who are needed to support physicians who work in emergency departments and the rehabilitation department.

The first wave of new physicians began in 2018, with more than 13,000 appointments in the first two months of 2019.

In September, the NHL said the number of physicians on the active roster rose to 17,000, while medical staffs were expanding by 1,000 positions each.

The NHLPA said the first full year of the program, which will last five years, will bring about an additional 10,600 physicians to its membership.

Pade said the goal is to make it easier for physicians to get the training needed to serve the players, coaches and coaches.

Pape also said the league has launched a program that will make it even easier for doctors to get certified to practice medicine.

He said the new training will include a three-year training program that covers medical management and basic care, along with advanced medical topics such as trauma care.

Pasquale said the medical program will help the NHL achieve its goal of having 100 percent of its doctors licensed by 2021.

The new program is the first step in a long-term plan to get more physicians into the medical profession.

Paste said the expansion of the medical programs, which began in 2020, was a long time coming.

He said the leagues goal of achieving 100 percent coverage is something that has to be accomplished, especially with the fact that we’re on the cusp of the Olympics.

Pasec said the health of the NHL players and coaches was a major factor in his decision to expand the program.

The league and the NHL Players Association agreed to expand its program in early 2020.

The medical education component of the new program was designed to ensure physicians are up to date on the latest in medical technology and provide access to physicians in underserved communities, including in undersized areas.

Perez said the program is also a way for the NHL to attract more students into the profession, especially younger players who might not have been able to obtain medical care.

The program will be open to all NHL teams, including the Washington Capitals, Philadelphia Flyers and Minnesota Wild.

The Flyers said in a statement that the program will offer training in the areas of medical management, trauma care, sports medicine and physical therapy, among other areas.

The National Basketball Association, the National Basketball Players Association and the National Football League have also made changes to their physician assistant programs to make them more accessible.

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