Dr. Jennifer Wu and her husband are well-known for their Chinese herbal medicine that they offer in their home.

They have been treating dogs with this medicine for over 10 years, but recently they realized that they had become accustomed to their dog’s diarrhea.

“I’ve been using it for about six months now,” Wu said.

“We were actually really surprised when we got to the dog’s house and it was a full on diarrhea.”

This dog is having severe diarrhea that requires her to be put down.

“She started showing signs of diarrhea and we had to put her down,” Wu told ABC News.

They decided to try the medicine because they thought it might help her with the dog diarrhea problem.

“When we first tried it, she had no signs of it,” Wu recalled.

“Within two weeks, she was completely cured of diarrhea, completely clear of any signs of disease.”

After the couple started taking it, Wu said, “the diarrhea was gone, completely gone.”

Wu and Dr. John Zingales have been using this Chinese herbal for years.

They were able to use this Chinese medicine because it was cheaper than a traditional herbal medicine.

They said that they started using the medicine in 2013 because they were concerned about the cost.

“There were people out there that had used it, but they were getting their dog diarrhea back,” Wu explained.

“They had a dog who had a mild case of it.

But we couldn’t afford to have that dog’s intestine reattached.”

Wu explained that her dog’s bowel problems started to improve after she started taking this Chinese herb.

“It’s been really beneficial,” Wu added.

“My dog doesn’t have any issues anymore.

She’s not a problem.”

Chinese herbal medicines have also been found to be effective in treating colic and other digestive problems in dogs.

Dr. Michael Stahl, the medical director of the American Veterinary Medical Association’s Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory in Atlanta, Georgia, said that there are also a number of other benefits to taking Chinese herbal medications.

“The benefits of Chinese herbal remedies are that they are used by vets for a wide range of illnesses, including digestive problems,” Stahl told ABCNews.com.

“So they can be used to treat other diseases as well, like inflammatory bowel disease, which is caused by the immune system,” he said.

Stahl said that this is especially true in older dogs and other breeds.

“If you are older than 6 months old, you should not be taking Chinese herbs,” he explained.

According to Stahl and Wu, the Chinese herbs used to cure diarrhea in dogs are very different from traditional Chinese herbal therapies.

Wu explained: “A lot of what you see with Chinese herbalists is that they try to use herbs that are different from the ones they are using in their own dogs.

“All of these things may be helpful, but it is a matter of preference.” “

And then they may also use some more anti-inflammatory drugs to treat the intestinal tract,” Wu continued.

“All of these things may be helpful, but it is a matter of preference.”

Wu said that she and her dog are still on the “buy it now” list.

“A couple months ago, I called and told her, ‘If you don’t want to take Chinese herbs, you can stop using the dog and I will give you a voucher to use it in another dog,'” Wu said of her decision to discontinue using Chinese herbal treatment.

Wu added that she has also stopped taking supplements for the dogs, saying that they have become too expensive for her to purchase.

“For me, it’s about saving money and giving my dogs something to chew on that they don’t get anywhere else,” Wu concluded.

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