By Andrew Kim October 1, 2018 12:05:18Health insurance companies are cutting off Medicare coverage to doctors who specialize in family medicine because of a controversial law known as the Affordable Healthcare Act, according to a report published Monday.

The law, passed by the U.S. Congress and signed by President Donald Trump last year, requires most doctors to have Medicare-covered health insurance, which has spurred a surge in Medicare patients to doctors’ offices and hospitals.

But many doctors say the law is unfair to them, according the report, authored by the Kaiser Family Foundation and the Commonwealth Fund.

The federal government is expected to pay more than $400 million for health insurance for more than 30,000 family doctors by 2020, according a Kaiser Family Study that surveyed physicians.

The report’s authors estimate that nearly $300 million in Medicare payments will be lost to the Medicare program in 2020.

The report says Medicare payment cuts would be especially damaging for doctors who are treating Medicare patients.

“Physicians are in the best position to provide preventive care and primary care, but Medicare is paying less for that than private insurance,” said David Schaper, the foundation’s chief economist.

“The only way to save Medicare is to get doctors to provide more preventive care.”

The federal Department of Health and Human Services has not yet determined how much it will pay family doctors to cover their Medicare premiums.

The ACA includes an exception for specialists who specialize on family medicine.

That exception allows a specialist to receive Medicare reimbursements if he or she serves as the primary care physician for a Medicare-eligible patient, as long as they do not charge more than Medicare-based services.

The health law does not allow family doctors in states that don’t allow family practice.

But the federal government’s Medicaid program, which covers nearly 30 million low-income Americans, is limited to doctors with at least two primary care doctorates.

In states where doctors are allowed to practice without Medicaid, they must provide a detailed and well-documented medical history and a plan to pay for it, and must also follow the rules for primary care doctors.

A Kaiser Family study published in February found that about 90 percent of Medicare beneficiaries who are eligible for coverage in the states where family practice is legal and covered by Medicaid don’t have primary care physicians.

In some states, such as New York, the uninsured rate is among the highest in the country.

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