By DAVID LUTHER KING, AP Physician Michael Dutta found more than 29 percent of his patients were taking a painkiller and that was getting less and less.

Doctors say the problem is widespread.

Here are three of the most common reasons doctors say they don’t see enough patients taking painkillers: 1.

They aren’t used in the same way doctors say.

The National Institutes of Health says about half of people who get opioids for pain have not used them in a long time.

Doctors aren’t sure why.


They are used for different purposes.

Some patients are using them to relieve pain while others are using it to prevent it, as an alternative to medication.

Some are taking them for headaches, while others to treat muscle spasms or post-traumatic stress disorder.

Some use them to treat migraines.

Others are taking the painkillers to manage migrainers or migrainer-related nausea and vomiting.

Some doctors think painkillers are being abused by some people.

And some say they’re just being used as a side effect, not a cure.


They’re not being used properly.

Some people don’t use them correctly, and doctors aren’t seeing enough of them.

One recent study showed that of the people who took opioids, about three-quarters didn’t have the right kind of medicine in their stomach.

Doctors don’t know why.


Some medications have side effects that aren’t as bad as the opioid painkillers.

In one recent study, doctors found that people who used painkillers for nausea and pain relief were three times more likely to develop cancer.


There’s no evidence that they help people with chronic pain.

Doctors have been using opioids to treat chronic pain for decades, and there’s no way to know whether they help someone who has a chronic pain problem, but they can help patients with pain.

People who get painkillers can also get them for other conditions that can’t be treated by medications, like migrainias, asthma, back pain or anxiety.

Dr. Michael Duttas prescription for opioids Dr. Duttases painkiller is called Zoloft.

He says he needs it to get through the day, but his wife, who’s a nurse, is sick of it.

So she has it in the morning and he has it at night.

He’s been using it for about a year, and it has worked well.

But now he says he has to use more of it because it is killing her and she can’t handle it.

“I need it to make her feel better, to make me feel better.

I’m just like, what’s the difference?” he said.

Dutts wife says it has helped her sleep, but the drugs can’t make her fall asleep.

“It’s making me sick,” she said.

“They’re not going to help me fall asleep, so I have to go to bed with a bag over my head, and I can’t do that.”

He doesn’t take his painkiller as prescribed.

The only time it’s used is when he needs to use it, like when he’s on a plane and he’s feeling nauseous or he needs a headache.

Doctors do prescribe it, but not to help people who have chronic pain, like her.

Zoloflex doesn’t treat chronic or chronic pain in the way doctors prescribe it.

That’s because it’s a prescription drug.

Doctors tell people they should only take it if they need to.

But sometimes they don, too.

Some painkillers, like Zolsoflex, can help people feel better but are not helpful in the long run because they’re addictive.

“These medications can make people feel worse for a short period of time,” said Dr. Mark L. Bohnet, director of pain medicine at the University of Washington in Seattle.

“But in the future, there will be better ways to use these medications.”

He said the best way to use Zolofflex, which costs about $40 a pill, is to take it with food or drink and to let it sit in your stomach for at least 15 minutes before you take it.


Dutsons wife and doctors say Zolforx is an effective way to help someone deal with chronic or recurrent pain.

Zoltex is a prescription painkiller that is sold over the counter.

It can help you feel better for a few hours, but it doesn’t stop pain.

Dr Bohnets wife takes Zolton, too, but she says it’s not helping her.

“There’s a difference between a prescription pill and a pain reliever,” he said, adding that the drug can have a high tolerance and can make you feel worse.

Doctors can recommend that people get a doctor’s note explaining the side effects of Zoltons prescription.

And if the doctor suspects there is a problem, doctors can prescribe a lower dose

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