The sport medicine department at the University of Southern California is in the midst of a massive reorganization.

The department will no longer be focused on sports medicine.

Instead, it will focus on more general sports medicine, and this includes a new position for a pediatric orthopedic surgeon.

It’s a new approach that’s going to make the school’s orthopedics program a much better fit for its growing patient population.

In the past, orthopedists were given much of their training in a specific area.

They could specialize in sports medicine because they worked at an elite level of sports medicine practice.

They also had an advantage in that the medical community recognized their expertise in specific areas of orthopedism.

But in recent years, sports medicine has been a less-attractive field in the United States, and the medical profession has been reluctant to bring in a sports doctor as a replacement.

That’s partly because the American College of Sports Medicine has traditionally been more supportive of sports physicians than orthopedist programs.

The American College and American College Sports Medicine have a number of common principles that make it difficult for sports physicians to get into medical schools.

One of those is the belief that the best doctors are often those who are most knowledgeable about the subject matter, and in particular sports medicine and orthopediology.

It also helps to have the experience of doing a lot of work in sports as opposed to other fields, such as pediatrics.

As part of the reorganization, a new sports medicine division will be created.

This division will work in conjunction with the orthopedology department, which is going to be focused primarily on orthopedical surgery.

The new division will also include a new division on orthopaedics and an orthopedial unit, which will be a specialty in sports orthopedia.

The orthopedologists will be able to practice in the same ways that sports doctors do.

But they will be in a different position than they are today.

In a way, this is a good thing.

The health care system has been looking for a new orthopedologist since the beginning of the year.

There are plenty of orthopeds out there, but there are also a lot fewer than the number of sports doctors practicing sports medicine in the country.

So it was important for the athletic department to get a new doctor in.

The orthopedes are one of the most important surgeons in sports and sports medicine care, so this is good news.

That said, it’s not the only department in the school that’s changing.

Other schools, including the medical school, are also moving into a more general area of sports and orthopics.

In sports medicine schools, you see athletes get treated differently.

If you’ve ever seen a football player, you’ve seen what happens to them.

They have knee replacement procedures and some major surgeries done.

In orthopedias, you get a hip replacement done and then another hip replacement.

They’re basically operating on the same body parts.

And they’re usually operating on different parts of the body.

So when you have athletes in sports who are in different sports, you can expect that their health care needs are different than their other health care demands.

The change in orthopediatry is part of a larger change at USC.

The university is shifting from being a sports-specific hospital to a general health care hospital.

The goal is to make USC a better medical school for its students.

The sports medicine department will be split into two departments.

The first is a sports pathology division, which specializes in examining athletes’ and their families’ medical records.

The other department is the sports medicine clinic, which covers general orthopedy and other health issues.

USC will also be integrating its sports medicine program into the school of public health, a health care division that is more focused on health.

USC is also moving toward integrating sports medicine into the public health system.

The new department will include an orthopastrologist, an endocrinologist, an infectious diseases specialist, an ophthalmologist, and a family medicine physician.

The medical staff in the department will also get an emphasis on sports and athletic medicine, which helps to address the high rates of chronic diseases in the sports world.

The athletic department is also taking on an orthodontics specialization, as part of this shift.

We’re not a medical school with a specialization in orthodics, but we will have sports medicine students in the clinic.

We’ll be providing orthopedies, we’ll be offering sports medicine at night, we’re going to have a sports clinic, and we’re bringing in orthotics and orthotic surgery to our sports medicine curriculum.

This is a huge shift, and one that’s important to the university.

It will have a big impact on our health care in the future.

The program at USC is already focused on the athletic program, but this will help us focus on the health care

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