Medical professionals are being paid too much, and they’re taking it for granted, says one former chief medical officer of a major US hospital.

A new study from the US Department of Labor found that the average medical professional in the US makes nearly $40,000 per year.

That’s more than double the average for all US workers.

The study also found that only about 2 percent of doctors earn more than $80,000, compared to the rest of US workers who make $53,000.

The survey, which surveyed more than 1,000 medical professionals, found that 90 percent of medical professionals said they feel underpaid.

The survey also found nearly half said they had no intention of working for a major hospital.

Many medical professionals are getting paid too little, says the study’s lead author, Michael Kober, a senior fellow at the Urban Institute’s Center on Workforce Policy and Management.

“We are paying too little and not doing enough,” he said.

Kober is also president of the American Medical Association, the largest group of medical associations in the country.

The report also found the average salary for the average family physician, the chief medical office, and a family medicine doctor was just $52,000 in 2014.

Kuber said it’s not just the salaries of physicians, but also the way they’re paid.

“It’s not that the median salary is too low.

It’s that the majority of medical jobs in the U.S. are not for the general public,” Kober said.

In other words, these jobs are typically not filled because they are not well-paid.

“It’s more of a reflection of the fact that these are the jobs that the doctors are actually doing,” Kber said.

“And if you’re a doctor who does not have a salary, you’re not doing well.”

Dr. Daniel Sussman, a professor of medicine at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, said that doctors are paying themselves more than they’re earning.

“There is no doubt in my mind that the pay scale is not the way that we should be paying doctors,” he told NBC News.

“If you are an executive or a CEO or an owner of a company, it’s going to be a different story.”

But the report also suggested that the medical workforce is not getting paid as much as it could be.

The average salary of a family physician is just $50,000 compared to $77,000 for a family medical director and $88,000 of a physician assistant.

Sussman said that’s because the workforce is growing.

“As the number of doctors and the number [of specialists] increase, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find doctors with a large number of specialists, and there are fewer people to fill them,” he explained.

Sociologist and health economist Sarah Tarrant said that the data was important because it helped the public understand how much doctors earn.

“We need to get the picture of how much they make, because the pay for doctors is very, very, high, but it’s very, highly paid,” Tarran said.

“But we need to also have the perspective of how this affects the health care system.”

Kober said that this issue needs to be addressed to reduce the gap between the salary of doctors in the United States and in the rest for all other professions.

“This is an incredibly expensive issue,” he added.

“People should be paid fairly for what they do, but the fact is that the system doesn’t do enough to make sure that people have the resources they need to be able to pay for the medical care they need.”

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