The baby cough is a common, potentially life-threatening and potentially deadly infection for children and adults.

As well as being a respiratory disease, it can also cause serious infections and even death.

In the United States, a baby can become infected with it if the mother coughs on her own.

The CDC advises pregnant women not to cough on their own, and if they do, the infant must be placed in a carrier to avoid exposure to the bacteria and potentially harmful viruses.

Cough medicine: What you need to know about baby coughs, and how to prepare for themThe American College of Emergency Physicians recommends avoiding coughs during pregnancy and childbirth, and it recommends that pregnant women who have been exposed to coughs should not cough.

For those who are not already pregnant, a mother can still get the disease if she is exposed to the virus and if she continues to cough, the baby can potentially develop the infection.

But if you are pregnant, you can help your baby avoid the deadly disease.

There are several ways to prepare your child for a baby’s first cough.

You can put a blanket over your baby and take precautions such as not having the child cough or sneeze on its own.

In the first few weeks of life, it’s best to take a cold compress, a tube of saline, and a tube or mask to help the baby’s lungs work more efficiently.

You can also keep a warm bath towel or a warm washcloth next to your baby, and give it to your child to keep it warm.

If you do this, you should also avoid going out of the house for longer than a few minutes a day, as this can exacerbate the risk of the infection developing in the child.

A parent can also use a special toy to try to prevent the baby from coughing, called a toy mask.

This can be a blanket, a pillow, a bottle, a blanket or a stuffed animal.

Children can also try coughing balls, a pacifier, a rubber glove, a water bottle, or a tube to prevent their lungs from working harder.

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