Couples who live in Australia could get married within 30 years, a new study has suggested.

The study, published in the journal Population and Development Review, found couples could marry within a year of each other and live in the same area of the country.

The researchers used data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics to determine the median age of first marriage in Australia.

They found that the median marriage age was 30.

The median number of children a couple would have is 2.9.

The research also found that couples living in regional areas where marriage rates were lower would have a greater chance of marrying within a few years.

The authors of the study did not identify which cities had the highest marriage rates in Australia, but said they did not think it was the case that the most popular cities were in the south.

The report was based on information from the Census of Population and Housing, which showed there were 6.8 million Australians living in regions where marriage was lower.

It found the marriage rate in those areas was higher than that in most other Australian states.

However, the report said there was some evidence that marriage rates might be higher in areas where there was a higher population density.

“The high levels of marriage in rural and regional areas are likely to have been a result of population growth, a result that is not shared by all Australians and is not reflected in the census data,” the authors wrote.

The findings suggest that Australia’s highest-marriage-rate regions are also the most economically depressed.

“It is likely that this high marriage rate is driven by a combination of the low fertility rate and low population density of rural and urban areas,” the report says.

“This has been observed in recent years, particularly in the lower income quintiles.”

The authors say that if people were to start planning to marry now, they could save hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

“We suggest that a one-off marriage proposal to marry within the next 30 days may be sufficient to address the financial and other needs of a marriageable couple,” the researchers said.

“Given the economic hardship of many marriageable couples in these areas, the proposal is likely to be well received.”

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