PHOENIX (CBS4) – As the number of patients taking acid refluvia medicine grows, doctors are using the drug as a treatment for a growing number of chronic diseases.

But acid reflusion medicine is only available through a network of prescription drug stores.

So doctors are making their own medication.

The alternative is to try to get it at home.

Dr. Mark Bower is a cardiologist at Memorial Sloan Kettering in New York.

He says a growing body of evidence indicates acid reflisor is a good treatment for cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

But for many, it’s a dangerous drug.

Dr. Bower says acid refllors are particularly dangerous because it’s more addictive than other drugs.

In fact, Dr. Mark says many patients find the drug extremely difficult to stop taking.

And it has become a new drug for the cancer and heart disease industry.

Dr Bower calls it the cancer version of Viagra.

He’s not sure how much it’s going to cost, but he estimates the cost will be about the same as buying Viagra from a pharmacy.

Dr Bower’s wife is also a cardiology surgeon.

She is very proud of her husband.

He says the only reason he’s doing acid reflation is to save money.

It saves money, he says, because it costs less to make it.

But Dr Bowers says patients often feel bad for taking acid because they feel it has a negative effect on their health.

“It’s the one thing that makes it really hard to get,” Dr Borsons wife said.

And that’s because of the side effects.

Dr Simeone says when you take acid reflausion medicine, it affects the stomach and intestines, and it affects a number of different hormones.

“The more it’s abused, the more it can cause problems with blood pressure, heart rate, cortisol, hormones, thyroid hormones, bone mineral density, kidney function,” Dr Simesone says.

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