Aussie dentist Reese is reportedly being hailed as a hero after he discovered that his patients who had been pinning themselves to chairs, desks, and walls were actually suffering from wyman’s pinworms.

Reese, who has also treated patients with the disease, posted a photo of himself sitting down on a table, as the symptoms of the condition slowly became apparent.

He explained the symptoms to his colleagues in a video on YouTube.

“The first thing you notice is you start feeling the pins go all the way up the spine and then the pins start getting stuck and you’re in a lot of pain,” he said.

“It can go from pinching you, it can go to pushing you down, it’s going to hurt like hell, it doesn’t feel good.”

“The pins just stick up the sides of your body and start pushing into your brain.”

Mr Reese said his patients had to take their eyes off the table for 20 minutes before the pins would go away.

“They start having pain all over their body,” he told Channel Seven News.

“I started to feel like I was going to burst.

You know, I could feel the pins in my head.”

Mr Rees video caused a bit of a stir on social media.

“Reese’s is a hero, but he’s not alone,” said @mattjames.

“This is a symptom of wymania.”

“Rebecca is a great doctor, he has a huge heart and I hope he is doing everything he can to save lives,” @danielwales said.

The video sparked debate on social networking sites.

“So much pain.

Reese is the one that’s doing the work.

He’s the hero,” one commenter said.

While Reese’s has previously faced criticism for its treatment of patients with wyoman, he said the incident was different this time.

“We don’t do things like this anymore,” he added.

“And it’s very rare.”

Reese said he did not know of any patients in Australia with the condition.

“Most of our patients have got pinworms that come and go,” he explained.

“A lot of them come from overseas, so I have to see them in Australia.”

“A little bit of the wy man is just a bit better.” “

Our patients are happy and happy, they are in good spirits.”

“A little bit of the wy man is just a bit better.”

A spokesperson for the WA Department of Primary Industries told ABC Radio WA that a patient was referred to the Royal Perth Hospital after his pinworms became too strong.

“Patients with wyloman are referred to our WYMAN Clinic,” the spokesperson said.

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