I have had bronchic asthma for about 10 years.

I have been told that if I do not take a medicine called a ‘bronchial’ medication, I will die.

My friends and I have heard of other people dying from the disease.

The reason that I am so worried is because we know that the medicine that we take for our asthma is not effective.

In fact, the drug called rivastigmine can kill us, and it is only available in India.

We are very lucky.

My doctor told me that we have to be careful when taking rivatigines, that we do not put it in the mouth or even in our lungs.

She added that the reason for the fear is because the medicine does not work as well as the one we were prescribed.

But I have to say that the rivaroxaban is the best medicine available.

This medicine is very safe.

I do it every day, even after taking it for several years, even when I am feeling very sick.

When we do take it, I do so on my own.

I use it as a breathing aid, and when I need to, I use a nasal spray.

The first few days, it helps a lot.

But the pain and the cough have disappeared.

We do not need to take any more medicines, but when we do need to get some relief, it is always a relief.

If we have bronchitic asthma, the first thing that we want is to stop coughing.

But there is no cure for the disease, and if we do manage to cough, it can be very difficult.

I cannot say that it is completely cured, but we are working on it.

I think that the main thing that can help us in getting better is to give the medicines that we need.

I am really grateful to my doctor for giving me this chance.

When I was a kid, my dad would tell me that he had never seen anything like this.

The disease is so hard to get rid of that it has been hard for us to get treatment.

My mother has always been so worried that if she got sick from coughing, she would die.

We did not know what the prognosis would be.

But as a teenager, I decided that I would give my mom a chance to live.

I did my best to be a good parent.

I took care of her and went to school with her.

It has been a long time since I was on a school trip.

I remember when I was young, I would always go to school alone.

I would take my friend with me.

We would go to the library and read books together.

We were very friendly.

I still remember when we went on a date and we would go out to dinner together.

I was not sure if it was a date or not.

I had never met her.

The next day, my mother came home from work.

She said, “Don’t forget me for a minute.

I want to go out for lunch with you.

Do you want to come?”

We did, but it was after 8 pm.

We had not been out together for an hour and I was very nervous.

I started crying and was very upset.

She got up and came back to me and said, “[We should] go to lunch together.”

She said that I should not cry.

She did not tell me anything about the reason why she was so worried about me.

I felt bad because I felt that I had to do something to get out of her mind.

I told her that I did not want to cry, but I felt really bad for her.

When my mother did not go, I went to the playground and told my friends that I wanted to go.

They said, [If we can] come with us, I can help you.

I went out alone and it was very difficult for me to make friends.

When you go out, you have to look for people who will listen to you.

Sometimes, you feel lonely.

If you are going out alone, you need to be ready to listen.

I used to go to a party with my friends.

I came to a café, and there were lots of people there.

When one of them was talking, I wanted someone to listen to me.

But she did not listen.

She just sat there and looked at the people.

I decided to go and have a drink with them.

When they started talking to me, I realised that I was really lonely.

I needed to talk to somebody, and I decided I would go and try and talk to someone.

I thought that I could talk to them for hours.

The second time, I met this guy at a restaurant and he started talking with me, and then I asked him if I could have his number.

He gave me his number, and said that he would call me after I had spoken to him.

When he called, I could hear the conversation

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