In 2017, doctors are advising new patients to avoid ear infections for the new year because it is more likely they will be infected with the new coronavirus.

This comes amid warnings from health experts that the new virus is more deadly and can be passed through a person’s nose and mouth.

The American Academy of Family Physicians, a group of physicians, has issued a new set of guidelines for people who have a cough, sore throat, or sore throat infection.

The group says that people should avoid wearing masks, wash their hands frequently, and avoid sharing personal items such as clothing or shoes with others.

It also advises that people avoid sharing bedding, and for anyone who is allergic to bedding or any other materials.

Dr. Steven M. Peltz, a gastroenterologist at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, said that people are at increased risk for infection because they have less protective gear.

“The reason people don’t need masks is because they wear masks for their own protection,” Peltzen said.

“I think the bigger issue is that we’ve got a vaccine that is not available in a timely manner.”

For example, Peltzes guidelines say that most people will need to take one dose of the coronaviruses vaccine every six weeks.

In other words, you need to get two doses, one every two weeks.

Dr., Janna C. Reardon, an infectious disease specialist at Johns Hopkins University, told ABC News that the best time to take the vaccine is between two weeks and three months after a cold or flu.

“It’s the right time,” she said.

However, she added that people who do not have the vaccine are at a higher risk of getting infected.

“If someone is really really sick, it’s a really bad time to be getting the vaccine,” she told ABC.

Dr Reardon told ABC she believes people should not be taking the vaccine until after the flu season.

“People who are not really sick are going to have a really hard time getting the next dose,” she explained.

“That’s when you are most at risk.”

Dr. Reiss told ABC that if someone is still experiencing symptoms of the flu, they should be tested and treated with antiviral medication before they get the next shot.ABC News’ Stephanie Gorman contributed to this report.

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