There’s no longer any reason for me to buy pills and instead, I just use a prescription form of medication to treat my pain.

I don´t need to get a doctor, just a form letter from the state.

The state pays for all the medications and the prescription forms.

I just like to stay at home and not have to be at work.

I like the peace and quiet.

The pharmacy is still the same as it was when I moved here more than a year ago, said Jennifer, who asked not to be named because she is afraid to go out.

She said she likes the privacy.

She is thankful for the pills that are filling her prescriptions.

She just got her first prescription on Feb. 13, and she takes it as a regular medicine.

She told NBC News that she also took the first three days of the flu as well.

She said she doesn’t need the meds anymore because they are just as effective as the pills.

I just don’t have the time to go back and look at all the different medications.

I am so grateful that I am not forced to buy all the med and make all these changes.

I am just so thankful that I can get what I need at home when I want it.

I feel so grateful to have access to what I have, Jennifer said.

The meds are so cheap, and they are so effective, she said.

I do not use a lot of the different painkillers that I was seeing on the market, because I have a chronic pain condition.

I have to keep taking the painkillers because they keep me in pain.

They are like a narcotic.

I still have pain that comes back.

I take it as medication and take it for my symptoms, said Rachel, who has chronic pain from a spinal cord injury.

I use the pills at home for my pain, she told NBC.

I need to do it because it is so good for me.

It is so convenient to do that, she added.

I use them to relieve pain.

I have no issues at all with prescription medication because I feel it is a better option for me, Rachel said.

I love it, and I use it for the things that I need, like for my arthritis and the headaches.

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