A few weeks ago, the Mayo Medical Center, which serves about 20,000 people in Rochester, Minnesota, announced that it was giving out a free sleep pill to its residents.

But what exactly is this free medication?

The Mayo Clinic explains that “Sleep medicine is a safe and effective sleep aid that’s designed to help reduce daytime sleepiness and promote sleep during the day.”

So how is it so effective?

A new study, published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, has found that the pill has some pretty significant side effects.

The researchers found that those taking the pill, as well as those who have an elevated risk of heart disease, diabetes, and certain cancers, have a “significant and increasing” increase in the risk of developing the most common type of heart attack.

This risk, combined with the pill’s ability to lower blood pressure and improve blood sugar control, also increases the risk that someone will develop Type 2 diabetes.

But the researchers cautioned that the findings should be interpreted cautiously because they were observational.

They concluded that, despite these risks, “the sleep aid was effective in reducing mortality and improving blood pressure control.”

Sleep pills are not new: A study published in 2016 showed that a pill containing norepinephrine reduced the risk for the death of an elderly woman by about a third.

However, the researchers noted that the benefit was so small that “it could not be measured with a large sample size and its magnitude is probably less than 0.05 percent of a clinically significant reduction in mortality.”

It also noted that “no control group had the same effects.”

But the new study suggests that a free pill can have an even bigger effect.

Sleep medicine is just one of the things that may be giving sleep pills a bad rap.

Another potential reason is that many of the studies done to date, and even those done in more recent years, have focused on only two conditions: sleep apnea and narcolepsy.

Sleep apnea, which is often confused with narcolesis, is a condition in which breathing slows down while sleep is occurring.

In some people, breathing stops completely during sleep, which can result in sleepiness.

Narcolepsis, which also causes breathing to stop during sleep but is often mistaken for sleep apraxia, is another condition that is caused by the sleep apneas.

Sleep medications have a similar effect: They slow the breathing process and make it easier for your body to recover from the sleep-deprivation.

But it is the pill that may cause the biggest problem.

The pill may not even be the only problem with sleep medicine.

There are other potential side effects, too.

One study, which compared the effectiveness of various types of sleep pills and found that “the pill is more effective than the placebo when used to treat narcolexia,” found that its effectiveness was “much less than that of the placebo.”

The researchers also noted, however, that the study did not examine the side effects of the pill itself, and so it is possible that the results could be biased.

The results are also uncertain because of the nature of the sleep medications.

While many of these drugs work by increasing the amount of the hormone melatonin in the body, which plays a role in regulating sleep, a pill like the pill used by the Mayo study does not increase melatonin levels.

And while melatonin is an important sleep hormone, it is not part of the body’s normal circadian rhythm, which helps regulate the amount and quality of sleep.

Sleep medicines may not be helping your sleep, either: Sleep medications can also interfere with your sleep.

Studies have shown that sleep medications can increase the amount or intensity of light exposure that people are exposed to, which in turn may result in a decrease in REM sleep, the state of deep sleep that occurs during the period between deep-sleep awakenings.

In other words, your body may be adjusting to less light exposure.

In the Mayo Study, the pill decreased REM sleep by about 10 percent, but the researchers did not find that the dose or amount of melatonin medication significantly affected REM sleep.

This could be due to the fact that the Mayo researchers only included a small number of people in the study.

While it is unclear whether the pill also decreased REM during REM sleep or whether melatonin was the only drug involved, the results do not support the pill as a preventative against sleep disorders.

It’s also unclear how the pill affected people’s circadian rhythms.

The Mayo researchers found, for example, that melatonin did not seem to affect people’s REM cycles.

Sleep medication does, however.

It may decrease the amount your body produces melatonin, which may increase the need for more melatonin during the night.

It is also possible that meloxys, which are produced by the body in response to melatonin production, also interfere.

If this is the case, it would suggest that meloxicam, which was the first sleep medicine to be approved by the Food

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