The American Heart Association says a new drug to treat the parasite that causes heartworms has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

The drug, a novel drug, is also being tested in clinical trials for the disease.

It is called the NACOVEX-1B vaccine and it was approved last month by the agency’s board of directors.NACOvex1B was first approved for the treatment of coronavirus infections in 2009.

The FDA has been reviewing the drug since last fall, and a final decision will be made this month.

It contains the drug, called NACOOVEX1B, which has already been tested in humans and mice.

The FDA said the drug is a first-in-class anti-coagulant, which means it has a higher chance of stopping and stopping treating COVID-19 infection.

It also has a lower chance of causing liver damage or damage to the heart and circulatory system, the agency said.

The drug also has been shown to be more effective at treating the disease than a combination of antiviral drugs, and it is expected to be on the market by 2020.

The NACOBOT-1-B vaccine is also expected to have a similar impact, but it will likely be available by the end of this year.

The new drug is being tested for a longer period of time and in larger numbers, according to the FDA.

Navalny says the NACE-1 vaccine was approved in 2016, and that it was developed with the cooperation of the European Medicines Agency.NACE-2B is expected by 2020 to have similar effects to NACE1B.

It was also approved last year, and is also slated to be approved in 2019.NACCovex2B was approved by a different FDA panel for the same reason as NACOCovex1-A, but has yet to be fully evaluated.

The vaccine is still under review and will likely have a different impact than NACOEvex2-A.

The new NACE3 vaccine is expected in 2021.

The agency says it will be more expensive than NACE2B and will have a longer duration of action.

It will be tested in human patients and will be given to people in developing countries to prevent infection with the parasite.

The drugs in NACE 3 will be better-tolerated and less likely to cause toxicity, the FDA said.NOCoveX3B is the most expensive vaccine to date.

It has a slightly higher chance for a successful treatment of COVID than NOCOveX1-C and NOCOEveX3-A and has a shorter duration of effect.

The cost of NOCoveXP3B has not been disclosed.

The agency did not say when the NACCoveX-3B vaccine would be available.

The first batch of NACOToveX1b was scheduled to be released in January 2020.

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