3.8 lakhs of us are eligible for women’s medical insurance and the Indian Medical Association (IMA) says the government has made it easy for them.

The organisation is also encouraging more women to take out coverage under women’s health and well-being plans.

In the latest quarterly survey of medical professionals, the association says that nearly 50% of all the doctors and health professionals are working on women’s wellness.

The latest survey of the health professionals of India also found that women make up over 50% for most medical professionals and 50% in the private sector.

This means that the number of female medical professionals is increasing every year.

In the latest survey, health professionals were asked to identify health benefits and drawbacks for their female clients.

They were asked about their expectations for the insurance coverage and their expectations about what will happen in the future.

Nearly half (49%) of the respondents said they had given a woman a lot of time to prepare her plans and she had also been very patient.

They said that if she has any problem or needs a doctor, the insurance plan will not be unaffordable.

About 30% of respondents said that the health insurance will be more affordable in the near future.

More than 30% said that they would not want to get the health care coverage.

About 50% said they are expecting their daughters to take care of them.

About 10% of the female doctors also said that women would be a better option for their families and that their daughters would be better off if they had access to their insurance.

In addition to the insurance plans, doctors also told the health experts that they have also started to implement the health plans, such as women’s social welfare, maternity benefits and maternity home care.

They also said they will also be making some efforts to encourage women to get insurance, as it is the most cost-effective option for them and it can also lower the overall cost of health care.

Health professionals also told The Hindu that they expect that by 2019, women will get access to health insurance coverage for all the diseases that they are going to develop and also the treatments they will get, which can help them in improving their health.

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