A lot of the news that comes out of India is about health issues and health care, but there’s a lot of neglect and mistreatment of the environment.

The world’s biggest buddhist temple is in a place where there’s an incredible amount of pollution and pollution from vehicles, industrial pollution and so forth.

We have a big problem with climate change, we have a lot more pollution from agriculture and our environment is getting worse and worse and we don’t see a lot from the news about health care.

What are the benefits of a yoga guru?

The benefits of buddhism, for me, are the social benefits.

I’m very social, I’m quite communicative and I feel a sense of connection to the universe and the universe is my teacher.

I don’t think about spirituality.

I just live in the moment and it’s all very connected to the earth.

If you go to the temple, you are just sitting there and there’s no chanting, no meditation, no spiritual practice.

I think you’re just sitting on a couch, listening to music, watching television, taking the kids to the park, you know, doing nothing but yoga.

Do you think buddhadhas have a place in the mainstream news?

I’m not sure.

I wouldn’t say they have a home in the media, I don´t think so.

But I don`t think that the media has any control over it.

They don’t really have a role in it and so the media should be more involved in it.

What do you think about the impact of the media on people who practise yoga?

I think they should have a voice and be more accountable for what they are doing and they should be doing more to promote it.

I feel that there are some very negative effects on people because of the lack of awareness of the health benefits of yoga.

We are so in denial of how much it’s helping people, of what it’s doing for the planet, the benefits to health, so I think the media needs to be more conscious about its own bias towards health and wellness.

Do we need to be careful about our yoga practice?

No, I feel like it’s very empowering and the reason why it’s so powerful is because it’s a meditation on self and you can’t control it.

You can control the physical aspects of it but it’s also very powerful and I think it should be taught in schools.

I was thinking about that a little bit, if yoga is a way to teach yourself to think clearly, how can we teach that in the classroom?

I mean, I can teach yoga to someone who’s not very well versed in the subject, I have been teaching them a lot in my yoga classes and I`m very successful at that, so if we can give them some tools to help them be more aware, that would be good.

How can we create a space where we can talk about this?

I feel it’s important for the people who practice yoga, and I’m certainly not going to preach to you to do yoga, because that’s not going for anybody.

I know there’s so many people who are passionate about it, so you can go to any yoga school and they’ll have classes and you’ll get to see that.

I believe that yoga can be a space for everyone.

I also believe it should only be used by people who really want to practice yoga.

Is there anything you want to say to people who have been in the industry for so long and haven’t been able to say anything yet?

I don�t think you can ever say to anyone, you have to wait until you have something in your hands to speak about it.

But if you want something to say, just say it and don’t hide it.

Let people know about it and let them know what you are doing.

It’s something that we all can benefit from and that’s the message.

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