This article will appear in The Irish Independent in the next few days.

The chest pain pill is a controversial product that has caused controversy since it was first launched in the United States in the 1990s.

Its use has since exploded in the US and many countries around the world, including the UK.

In a bid to address the concerns about its side effects, the pill was made more expensive, and its price increased in January by €2.50 (£1.50) for the first time.

A pill costing €3.50 will cost €8.50 in the UK, for example.

In Ireland, the price of a pill has increased by almost half in just four years, to €6.50, according to the latest figures from the Health Products Regulatory Authority.

That makes the pill the most expensive of any pill in the country.

The new price of the chest pain medication is based on the number of prescriptions it takes for a person to have the drug in their system.

The medicine was initially intended to treat a number of common conditions including asthma, rheumatoid arthritis and chronic pain.

It was then developed to treat chronic chest pain in people with severe or life-threatening symptoms.

A few patients have reported experiencing significant improvement in their condition, such as feeling better and able to walk.

Some of the more popular treatments of the new product include ibuprofen, acetaminophen and some painkillers.

It is not clear how many patients are using the drug to treat chest pain.

Health Minister Simon Harris said he was surprised by the price increase, saying that the pills are prescribed for people who need a lot of help and are in need of intensive care.

The cost of the pills is estimated at around €6,000 per year for a typical patient.

The price increases are a response to rising demand for the drug, and the government has pledged to increase its price on prescription by 5 per cent in 2020.

In the past year, the cost of prescriptions has increased an average of 16 per cent, according the latest annual report from the Department of Health.

The drug costs €15.95 per pill, but many pharmacies and health professionals are charging between €20 and €40 per pill.

The Department of Finance estimates that the price increases will be passed on to patients, as well as to the Irish Government, with some of the savings to be spent on higher prescription charges.

The Health Minister said he hoped that the new price would deter other pharmaceutical companies from making the same mistakes.

“I’m concerned that this will be seen as a reaction to an increase in demand, particularly when so many people have been successfully treated with this product,” Mr Harris said.

The Irish Medicines Authority has advised that the government will be raising the cost on the pill by 5% in 2020, although that has yet to be finalised. “

There are very good reasons why the pill has cost so much money, but I think there’s more to it than just that.”

The Irish Medicines Authority has advised that the government will be raising the cost on the pill by 5% in 2020, although that has yet to be finalised.

The organisation said it is likely that the cost will increase again in the future.

Dr Mark MacGowan, a GP at St James’ Hospital in Cork, said the price rise had been inevitable.

“It’s very much because there is a lot more demand for this medication,” he said.

Dr MacGower said the pill had not had a good track record, but the new pricing was the first step towards getting the product back into the hands of patients.

“If you can find a doctor who has a patient who’s in pain, they will prescribe it and you can do that with a good patient,” he explained.

“But it’s a lot less convenient for people.”

In the last few years we’ve seen more and more people getting the medication as part of a chronic illness, and it’s not the case that we see patients in pain all the time, Dr Macgower added.

Dr Michael Fitzgerald, a cardiologist at the University of Southern Queensland, said that while the new pill was not the best option for most patients, the drug had its positives.

“In the long run it may be the best for the most people,” he told The Irish Examiner.

But Dr Fitzgerald warned that the pill would still be a major painkiller for patients who do not want to take it. “

Patients are often very happy when they get a pill, and this is an easy way to do that.”

But Dr Fitzgerald warned that the pill would still be a major painkiller for patients who do not want to take it.

“One of the things that I’m concerned about is that the drug may be used by people who are already suffering from chest pain,” he added.

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