Sports medicine doctor: Ear infections can be life-threatening.

Learn how to treat them safely and prevent serious side effects.

Read moreAdvance warning signs of ear infections include:Headache or feverLess than 10 minutesAfter having a fever, dizziness, or other feeling of uneasiness, the patient may become drowsy, have difficulty breathing, and lose consciousness.

The patient may feel lethargic and feel lightheaded.

A cold sweat or body ache may occur and the patient will have trouble breathing.

The temperature may be between 30 degrees and 40 degrees Celsius.

This type of ear infection is often associated with an infection from an ear canal or an ear infection from a foreign object.

The infection usually is caused by a virus.

Ear infections are a common complication of head trauma.

The condition may be severe and can be treated.

Ear infection can cause a fever and/or sore throat.

The person may not feel well, but they may have other symptoms like fatigue, headaches, and nausea.

The symptoms of an ear infections are different from other types of ear, including a cold sore, an ear swelling, and a fever.

In most cases, ear infections will clear up within two to three weeks.

The swelling is usually mild and temporary.

The ear infection may be mild or severe.

Some common complications of ear and other head injuries are:Difficulty breathingPain in the ears, neck, jaw, chest, and face that causes pain, swelling, or pain with or without a feverOther health problemsA fever that lasts for two to six weeksA cough that lasts three to six daysA sore throat that lasts one to three daysA headache that lasts four to six hoursA headache, dizzy, or loss of coordination that lasts longer than six hoursThe ear is more than an inch (25 millimeters) in diameter and has no clear ear canal, making it difficult to treat.

The ear can also be infected by the bacteria Clostridium difficile.

Clostid is the bacterium that causes the flu and pneumonia.

A person who has an ear injury may experience a rash or ear infection on the ears and nose.

It may also be caused by bacteria in the ear canal.

The patient may also have a cold, which may lead to a sore throat or a cough.

A fever is caused when a person has a fever more than three days after a previous fever.

If the person has not had a fever for three days, the person should seek medical attention immediately.

Ear infections can also cause a headache and/ or a runny nose.

The symptoms of ear or other head injury include:Loss of consciousness, feeling lightheaded, or having trouble breathingNormal symptoms of a cold are similar to those of other ear infections.

A cold sore usually will disappear after two to four days, but sometimes the sore can remain on the person for months.

Infection from a ear infection can lead to the following:A rash or sore throat, called a ringwormThe patient is usually able to return to normal activities by four to eight weeks after having the infection.

If it is severe, the ear infection will cause the person to be unable to work or socialize.

The person will need to wear a mask and be kept away from sunlight.

Ear and other body injuries may lead the person, such as a stroke, to develop another health condition.

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